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SoftSwitch class 4

• PROTEI Softswitch 4 is a vastly scalable solution for networks of any size.

• Enter the NG network age and hit the ground running with PROTEI Softswitch 4.

PROTEI Softswitch 4 is an irreplaceable solution for building large Next Generation Networks.

Our highly advanced system provides intelligent least-cost routing, as well as unprecedented flexibility that allows you to set virtually any routing parameters you wish.

Radius support allows easy integration with external billing systems.

Cluster architecture allows PROTEI Softswitch 4 to be scaled from local to international levels.

The quality and reliability of your NG network depends directly on your choice of Softswitch. With PROTEI Softswitch 4, you know that you have the best possible basis for your NG network.

Product Advantages:

  • Access to Triple Play services
  • Compatibility with third-party equipment
  • Maintenance via SSH, CLI, Web interface, SNMP
  • Supports SIP, SIP-T, H.323, H.248/MEGACO, SIGTRAN
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Cluster architecture
  • IMS compatible
  • Embedded CDR
  • Lawful interception