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SMS Welcome

System Features

  • Monitoring of SS7 links used for connection with roaming partners in passive mode;
  • Monitoring of Update Location, Cancel Location and Insert Subscriber's Data transactions in real time;
  • Sending "Welcome SMS" message sequence to visitors according to the specified scenario;
  • Sending "Bon Voyage" SMS message sequence to subscribers registered in foreign networks according to the specified scenario;
  • Choosing the language of "Welcome SMS" messages depending on the home country of the visitor;
  • Support of "prohibited hours". Subscribers who have registered in the network during the "prohibited" period will be welcomed when the period is over;
  • Support for subscriber profiles. Subscriber profile allows the service to be enabled or disabled for selected subscribers and to define the message set and message delivery scenario for this profile;
  • Support of "Networks black list". Subscribers who have registered in networks from the list will not receive welcome messages;
  • Dynamically formed content can be inserted into messages (e.g. exchange rate of the currency of the visited country to the home currency);
  • Statistics collection.

Administration and Maintenance

  • Setting parameters of the home network;
  • Setting parameters of the roaming partner networks;;
  • "Welcome" and "Bon Voyage" message sending scenarios management;
  • Subscriber profile management;
  • Network "black list" management;
  • Viewing and analysis of statistics;
  • Tools for mass data input (VLR list for MNC etc);
  • Generate lists of visitors registered in specified networks during a specified period;
  • Alarm and Event monitoring.

The system collects the following statistical information:

  • Counters and lists of Welcome and Bon Voyage messages that were sent, sorted by countries, regions and networks;
  • Number of subscribers registered in specified networks during a specified period;
  • Number of subscribers moving from one network to another during selected time intervals more than "X" times;
  • Number of roamers from specified networks during a specified period in carrier home network.

Web-based management interfaces support security policies for different categories of maintenance personnel (Administrator/ Message Manager/ Statistics Analyst). All statistical reports can be displayed in tabular or graphical format.