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SMS Firewall

PROTEI SMS firewall is intended to protect Operator’s network and Operator’s subscribers against unauthorized SMS traffic (both application originated SMPP traffic and inbound/transit SS7 mobile originated traffic).

Filtering criteria can be defined for different type of traffic sources (MSISDN range, Provider/SMPP-connection, Global Title of message sender).

These criteria include list of parameters defining bandwidth and routing limitations for SMS-traffic from each particular source like limits for SMS traffic intensity from provider, from any particular MSISDN or from GT (bandwidth limitations), range of destination numbers to which messages from the source mentioned above can be addressed, range of origination numbers from which messages from the source mentioned above can be sent (origination dependent routing limitations).

Anti-spoofing and anti-faking filtering and detection capabilities are supported according to IR71 GSMA document.

Additionally PROTEI SMS firewall implements SMS-window and anti SPAM functionality that allows to avoid unmotivated message sending from content-providers.

PROTEI SMS firewall is a functional, cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution to meet the modern safety requirements.