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SMPP Proxy/Router


  • Supports thousands of simultaneous SMPP connections
  • ESME access control and policy management (admissible IP addresses, list of numbers allowed as the originator number for message sending from ESME, anti-spam measures)
  • ‘White’ and ‘black’ lists of message recepients can be configured for each ESME
  • Bandwidth can be managed separately for each ESME
  • Powerful and flexible SMPP message routing between SMSC or USSDC and external applications according to message type, destination and origination addresses, message body and time
  • Alternative SMS routing in case of main ESME connection failure
  • Dynamic configuration of message processing rules
  • Traffic limitation from subscribers to ESME and from ESME to subscribers
  • Detailed CDR generation for all transaction types
  • USSD transaction processing

Access to external applications

SMPP Proxy/Router can support a large number of connections to external applications. SMPP Proxy/Router from PROTEI provides a wide range of options for controlling traffic from external applications: traffic limiting, access control and load balancing.

Unified services

Do your subscribers want to exchange SMS with subscribers from other networks? PROTEI SMPP Proxy/Router lets you route messages from other operators SMS centers.

SMSC offloading

With PROTEI SMPP Proxy/Router, requests from external applications can be routed directly to subscribers, significantly lightening the load on your SMS center.