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Roaming Optimization Suite


  • Real-time detection of Update_Location transactions, their registration and processing based on transaction details;
  • Cab allow or block registration based on analysis of several criteria;
  • SS7 modification (MAP, SCCP, MTP) when working through roaming broker;
  • Simple connection scheme prevents interruption of roaming traffic in case of equipment malfunction;
  • Compatible with any external roaming management SIM-based solutions.

Algorithm and service delivery:

Roaming Optimization Suite connects to the network as a Signal Transit Point (STP) or as signal end-point, depending on network configuration and processes MAP and CAP traffic between roaming partners and the operator’s HLR and SCP.

Lists of countries and roaming partners are defined in the system configuration. For each partner, a set of parameters can be configured to define signaling traffic processing rules for the traffic from that partner’s network:

  • VLR list
  • Proportion of successful registrations in the network over a specified period of time
  • Minimal allowable threshold for successful registrations over a specified period of time

The following algorithm is used when providing Steering of Roaming services:

First, messages related to the location information update procedure are detected. VLR information is extracted from MAP_Update_Location. By analyzing the information gathered, the system identifies the roaming partner network and retrieves its parameters and operational statistics. This information is compared with predefined criteria for the given roaming operator, and on this basis the decision to allow or deny registration is taken.

Statistical parameters configured for the roaming partner include:

  • Priority level of the network in relation to other networks in that country
  • Number/proportion of subscribers registered in the network over a specified time period
  • Proportion of successful registrations in the network over a specified time period


Roaming Optimization Suite provides uninterrupted monitoring of key roaming quality parameters.


PROTEI Roaming Optimization Suite collects statistical information and generates CDRs for all transactions, making it easy for the operator to analyze roaming traffic.


Horizontally scalable architecture across the entire platform makes for economical deployment and high reliability.