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Roaming Optimization Suite

• Solves a plenty of roaming problems that could otherwise strangle development of new operators

• Takes the hard work out of arranging roaming, your subscribers have all the world at their fingertips

The Roaming Optimization Platform is ideal not only for optimizing inter-operator cooperation on the level of alliances, but also for resolving the challenges faced by MVNOs and small operators. For the first group, the Roaming Optimization Platform allows powerful and flexible network selection management to stimulate ‘right’ roaming network choice for subscribers from networks working in the alliance (Steering of Roaming concept).

The roaming brokerage concept is aimed at the needs of the second group of operators. This mechanism allows such companies to gain access to all the roaming partners of a major operator, just by making one agreement with that operator.

For the large operator, the Gateway provides a source of extra income from providing roaming brokerage services. Also deployment of the Roaming Optimization

Platform allows to solve wide range of compatibility problems related to different MAP and/or CAMEL phases supported by the networks.

Roaming Optimization Platform solves the following tasks:

  • Network selection management for outbound roamers (Traffic Redirection/Steering-of-Roaming concept)
  • Network selection management for inbound roamers (Steering Bypassing, Visitor Retention)
  • Subscriber’s profile management