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Roaming Assistant


  • Connects to operator’s switching equipment using SS7/ISUP and SS7/MAP over E1 for serving inbound roamers;
  • Voice traffic is served on the Loop Around principle, meaning that only ISUP signalling traffic is passed through the server;
  • Incoming and outgoing voice channels are connected semi-permanently in advance;
  • Connects to operator’s switching equipment using CAP over E1 for serving outbound roamers;
  • Connects to CAMEL Gateway server using BRT protocol;
  • Connects to operator’s SMSC using SMPP v3.4;
  • If any of the subsystems reaches a set performance limit, additional modules are brought into service;
  • Flexible SS7 configuration;
  • SNMP management alarms and E-mail/SMPP alarm notification;
  • Powerful logging system (CDR generation);
  • Dynamic system configuration.

Access to service numbers

PROTEI Roaming Assistant gives roaming subscribers access to their home-network short service numbers.

Number correction

Roaming Assistant can correct numbers in two ways:

  • By automatically correcting the dialled number
  • By sending an SMS with dialling rule information in the language of the subscribers home network on misdial


Roaming Assistant allows information about the main types of dialling mistakes. This information can be stored within the system as well as in an external database.

Unified maintenance system

Maintenance can be carried out using: Telnet/SSH, FTP, graphical web interface and command line interface.

Number translation rules can optionally include

  • deletion of N digits from the prefix of number B
  • substitution of given prefix for number B
  • SMS notification with specified text