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Roaming Assistant

• PROTEI Roaming Assistant reduces the number of misdialed calls made by roaming subscribers

• Make roaming simpler for subscribers and increase your revenues

PROTEI roaming assistant is a great tool for intelligent correcting dialling errors of the visitors, that are registered in the Operator’s network, that allows the travelers continue using their familiar short codes for home-based VAS while roaming (for example, voicemail, customer care, directory assistance, etc. ).

Roamers can continue using their familiar short codes instead of some international numbers and duration of the authentication sessions, just like at home. Networks supporting CAMEL can deploy this service for outbound roamers addressing this key growth sector.

PROTEI Roaming Assistant:

  • Informs subscribers about dialing rules by SMS on misdial
  • Automatic number correction for inbound and outbound roamers
  • Advanced statistic collecting subsystem
  • Home network short codes access for inbound and outbound roamers
  • Subscribers receive information in their native language
  • Increase roaming profits