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RingBack Tone

Group settings

Subscribers can set different personal ringback tones for individual numbers, groups of numbers and unspecified numbers.

Dynamic update

With PROTEI Private RingBack Tone, lists of melodies can be updated dynamically from external files.

Tone management via SMS/USSD

Subscribers can order a ringback tone by sending an SMS/USSD request to a specified service number.

Tone management using IVR

Ringback tones can be set up via an IVR voice menu. The subscriber can choose melodies to listen to and set a new melody by inputting a confirmation code.

Tone management using WWW

Melodies can be set for individual numbers of groups of numbers. Groups can be created and numbers can be added to groups. The initial password for accessing the service is sent to the subscriber by SMS.

Recording personal phrases

Personal greetings can be recorded.

System scaling and reliability

The system is horizontally scalable. When one of the subsystems reaches its performance threshold, appropriate additional modules are brought online. The system has network architecture, which additionally increases its reliability.


  • Flexible user configuration
  • IMS compatible
  • SIP support
  • Tone scheduling
  • Flexible scalability
  • Content management performed via SMS, USSD, WEB
  • Compatible with a wide range of terminal equipment and standard base stations
  • Powerful administration systems
  • Embedded CDR
  • Can be connected to mobile operator’s MSC by E1 trunks with signaling SS7/ISUP