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RingBack Tone

• High revenue potential content service

• Convenient multi-channel service ordering tools

Ring Back Tone is one of the most popular VAS during last 5 years. Its penetration is still visibly growing and generating stable income for Operators. PROTEI Private Ring Back Tone server allows Operators deploying PRBT service being one of the most popular last generation content services. This service gives to the operator unique personification opportunities for subscribers.

Instead of standard ring back tones and announcements, a subscriber can set his/her personal choices that would be matching her preferences.

PROTEI RBT server supports advanced profile management subsystem allowing the service user to configure tones and prompts separately for different subscribers and subscribers’ groups with possibility to configure different tones depending not only from Caller ID but also from the time schedule (e.g. to set different tones for working hours and for non-working periods).

Service self-management can be performed by the subscriber via SMS, USSD or using personal WEB-interface.

Video RBT option is supported as an important functional enhancement of the traditional RBT platform, intended for 3G users for whom video calls are available. This service can be accessed from IMS and NGN networks also.

PROTEI RBT system is a fast way to offer Ring Back Tone service to Operator’s subscribers. Due to platform’s flexibility and scalability the system can be easily adjusted according to current or new requirements.

Key benefits

  • Different ring back tones can be set to particular callers, caller groups and unspecified numbers, depending on date, weekday and/or time
  • Tone management via SMS/USSD, IVR or convenient Web-interface
  • Lists of melodies can be updated dynamically from external files
  • Recording personal phrases is available
  • Advanced options are available: “Tone like my friend has” (Copy RBT service), “Present tone to friends”, Corporate RBT, different tone prices per purchase channel, “Hang-up SMS” and “Anti RBT”
  • Different Operator`s service promotional tools are available: “The second melody as a gift”, “Get bonus points for inviting a friend”, “Free trial period”, “Forth melody as a gift”, “First month of subscription is free”