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Residential Gateway

• Ideal solution for building both corporate and domestic subscriber networks

• Minimize outlay and maximize returns for small settings

PROTEI Residential Gateway is a subscriber gateway specially designed for providing network services in smaller settings, such as offices and residential applications.

Residential Gateway allows you to provide subscribers with traditional telephony as well as new-generation Triple Play services. With PROTEI Residential Gateway, you can significantly reduce expenditure on building and maintaining subscriber networks, and provide subscribers with full access to all the latest network services.

Key benefits

  • Fast, simple network building
  • Compatibility with third-party equipment
  • Maintenance via SSH, CLI, Web interface, SNMP
  • Low outlay, high returns
  • Supports SIP, H.248/MEGACO
  • Supports analogue/IP telephones and ADSL2+
  • Uplink via E1, SHDSL, VDSL or Ethernet