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Real-time Data Charging

Unified platform for wide range of services

The platform provides real-time charging of data services for GSM/UMTS subscribers not only for traditional mobile data services but for wide range of broadband services (Wi-Fi, WiMax and others), for NGN and VoIP services. System functionality allows to provide real-time charging for messaging services like SMS, MMS and IM also. All these services can be charged on-line from main mobile subscriber account.

Easy integration

Wide range of supported interfaces and protocols (RADIUS, DIAMETER, HTTP, IACC and proprietary protocols) means the platform can be integrated into practically any GSM network, regardless of the billing system, switching equipment and Data equipment used. GSM subscriber can be either postpaid or prepaid (in the latter case CAMEL technology can be used for managing his account on-line).

Diameter-proxy functionality

It is well known fact, that DIAMETER implementation often is strongly vendor-dependent. Integrated DIAMETER-proxy functionality allows to adopt different DIAMETER implementations to the dialect supported by Operator's billing system.

One-time password (voucher) management.

One-time password management subsystem implements all functionality related to passwords (voucher) administration, activation management and control of usage. System supports different channels like SMS, USSD, IVR for password request.


  • Real-time charging of data services provided by GSM/UMTS network or by other networks (e.g. wireless broadband networks like Wi-Fi)
  • Per-session or per-call subscriber authorization and charging
  • Volume-based or time-based billing of data transfer sessions using the operator’s main billing system
  • RADIUS, DIAMETER, HTTP, IACC and proprietary protocols support
  • Diameter-proxy functionality for full DIAMETER interoperability when data equipment from different vendors with different protocol implementations is used;
  • Various methods for subscriber authorization:
  • Standard NGN authorization mechanisms (SIP-register)
  • EAP-SIM authorization
  • MSISDN- or IMSI-based authorization for GSM/UMTS data services
  • Built-in password generation subsystem for access to services via Wi-Fi or any other broadband network (using WEB-authorization)
  • Generation of access parameters (one-time passwords) on SMS or USSD request
  • Delivery of one-time passwords via SMS
  • SNMP support for integration with operating and maintenance systems.