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Content Delivery Platform

IVR Subsystem

The IVR subsystem provides a set of highly efficient tools for providing interactive voice services including multi-level menu, inbound and outbound announcement services. The system supports standard IVR functions and can be efficiently integrated with external information systems using open XML or ODBC interface. Using PROTEI IVR, the customer can easily create different services like balance inquiry, payment registration, service activation/deactivation, subscriber self- care services, low balance notification and others.

Content delivery on demand

For content-on-demand services, users send an SMS with the keyword or code corresponding to the desired content product. PROTEI Mobile Portal processes the request according to the destination number and SMS body and sends the requested product to the user.

The following content types are supported:

  • SMS content(text messages, text messages (Unicode), concatenated text messages, EMS, Siemens OTA, Nokia Smart Messaging, Binary messages)
  • MMS, WAP and WAP-push content: pictures, melodies, ringtones, Java-games, Video clips.

Additionally web portal can be made available for subscribers

Content delivery by subscription

Subscription-based services are ideal for delivering weather, news, sports results, stock quotes or other regularly-changing information. Powerful administration tools simplify subscriber and content management.

Content can be updated manually or automatically using WEB-interface or FTP content uploading interface. Content can also be uploaded automatically from web site using special HTTP-content import utilities.

Quizzes and polls

Interactive quizzes and polls are among the most popular of all SMS services. PROTEI Mobile Portal supports a range of formats for creating engaging interactive services. Third-party clients can order polls, manage them and view their results through a web interface, giving the Mobile Portal operator scope to develop a profitable sideline. The system allows an unlimited number of voting services to be run and managed simultaneously.