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Content Delivery Platform

• Universal solution for content- and service-providers

• Easy deployment of any content and entertainment services

Mobile Portal is a universal flexible solution for content- and service- providers intended to offer wide range of content and entertainment services. By using this solution Operator or content-provider can easily deploy services like sending SMS- and WAP-content ‘on demand’ (pictures, texts, logos, music, including random services) or by subscription (information, weather forecast etc).

Voting and quiz services could also be easily deployed. These services enable efficient on-line interaction with wide subscribers’ base for quizzes, polls, marketing researches etc. People can participate in the voting using SMS, USSD or voice voting/quiz channels. System supports convenient WEB-interface for system administration and watch for voting course; fully configurable visual appearance of the voting results chart; manual or scheduled voting start and stop. Integration with PROTEI IVR is supported for voice voting, content listening and ordering etc.

With PROTEI Mobile Portal, service providers can deploy new services quickly and efficiently:

  • Voice information and entertainment services
  • Polls and SMS voting
  • Quizzes with voice and SMS access
  • On-demand WAP and SMS content delivery (ring tones, logos, pictures, wallpapers, random jokes etc.)
  • SMS content delivery by subscription (news etc)
  • Mobile advertising

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Fast and easy integration with Operator's network
  • Fully configurable solution
  • Friendly-user WEB-interface
  • Different algorithms of service delivery
  • High capacity