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MMS Messaging Center

Intelligent profile management

PROTEI MMSC features a powerful user profile management system which stores data about MMS capabilities of subscribers’ handsets. Information is automatically updated on the basis of transferred MMS.

Web user interface

If a recipient’s handset does not support MMS, the message is saved on a website and the intended recipient receives an SMS with the URL where he can view his message.

Message Forwarding

Subscribers can order forwarding of MMS to another handset or to an email address.

Sender aliases & short numbers

PROTEI MMSC allows operators to provide subscribers with an alias which allows them to send MMS from a short number or nickname. The recipient will see the sender’s chosen alias in place of the usual telephone number. Anonymous sending can also be provided.

Distribution lists

Distribution lists can be set up, whereby the subscriber sends an MMS with the name of the distribution list as the recipient. The message is automatically delivered to every user on the list, ideal for workgroups, newsgroups and similar functions.

Range of standard interfaces

  • MM1 for WAP-gate connections
  • SMPP v3.4 for SMSC connection
  • MM7 for application connection
  • MM4 for connection to other MMSC
  • SMTP for connection to external email servers