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MMS Messaging Center

• Effective providing of new and profitable services

• Extended possibilities of Multimedia Messaging

PROTEI MMSC gives a possibility to GSM operators to provide customers with multimedia messaging between mobile phones and between mobile phones and computers. Also using MMSC functionality the subscribers can order multimedia resources from the content providers. PROTEI MMSC can use external WAP gateways. Wide range of supported interfaces (MM1, MM3, MM4, MM7) simplifies MMSC integration into Operator’s network infrastructure and interworking with content-providers.

Open interfaces for interaction with external content conversion and profile management systems are also supported. Embedded push-proxy gateway allows easy interconnection with third-party SMSC. Integrated MMS-interception functionality allows to use PROTEI MMSC for offloading main operator’s MMSC.

Innovative PROTEI MMSC features

  • Dynamic system configuration
  • Powerful logging system
  • Scalable according to network growth
  • White and black lists for subscribers and External Services
  • Multiple recipient support
  • Distribution list support
  • Powerful content adaptation
  • Sender aliases
  • Message forwarding