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Location Based Services Enabler

Location detection

ROTEI LBSE can determine the location of a mobile terminal on request from an external application or from the terminal user.


PROTEI LBSE uses the SMPP protocol to connect to external applications, allowing you to provide subscribers with a vast range of location-based services.


PROTEI LBSE provides security policy configuration, allowing subscribers to be located only by authorized system users.

Statistical information

PROTEI LBSE saves information about the status and type of request. This information can be saved internally within the system or in an external database.


  • Cell Identification (Cell ID)
  • Information provided by NSS subsystem
  • Integration with geocoding
  • Safety content management
  • Geographical coordinates calculation
  • Flexible access policy management
  • Integration with RF planning
  • Statistics logging
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Can be connected to mobile operator’s MSC by E1 trunks with SS7/MAP signaling