Telecommunication Solutions
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


  • DTMF navigation and control
  • Access to VoiceMenu services
  • Creation and playback of combined phrases
  • Multi-level voice menu creation
  • Administrator can edit service list
  • Call routing on basis of calling party’s number
  • Call processing scenario constructor
  • Integration with notification, voice mail and tele-voting systems

Service constructor

We care about making our platform easy to use. Thanks to the embedded service constructor, you can have a new service up and running, or an old one modernized, in a matter of minutes.


PROTEI Voice Menu can work with TDM equipment (SS7, EDSS-1) as well as with IP (SIP, H.323). IMS and Soft Switch compatibility round off a well thought-out package.


Dependable in use with leading brand equipment and compatible with all PROTEI intelligent systems services.

External Databases

An XML/HTTP type interface makes integration with external databases simple and straightforward. You can set up a wide range of services for delivering information from external sources, such as weather, news, currency rates and much more.


Our solution provides a perfect base for innumerable interactive services - quizzes, voice portals, dating, bulletin boards, download ordering and much, much more.