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Home Location Register (HLR/HSS)


  • Manage mobility of subscribers by means of updating their position in administrative areas called ‘location areas’, which are identified with a LAC. Support of Location area update procedure.
  • Send the subscriber data to a VLR or SGSN when a subscriber first roams there.
  • Broker between the GMSC or SMSC and the subscriber’s current VLR in order to allow incoming calls or text messages to be delivered.
  • Remove subscriber data from the previous VLR when a subscriber has roamed away from it.

Authentication Centre (AuC)

PROTEI Authentication Centre (AuC) stores data for each mobile subscriber to allow the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) to be authenticated and to allow communication over the radio path between the mobile station and the network to be ciphered.

AuC transmits the data needed for authentication and ciphering via PROTEI HLR to the VLR, MSC and SGSN which need to authenticate a mobile station.

PROTEI AuC is associated with PROTEI HLR, and stores an identity key for each mobile subscriber registered with the associated HLR.

Integration with GSM Network

According to ETSI 3GPP standards PROTEI Home Location Register supports the following interfaces in GSM network: C-interface, D-interface, H-interface, Gr-interface, Gc-interface, Lh-interface.

Interfaces between core network entities are called MAP interfaces as they generally use Mobile Application Part (MAP) protocol as a signaling protocol.

Integration with LTE Network

PROTEI HLR supports S6a interface for easy integration into LTE networks. S6a/S6d implementationis compliant with TS 29.272 and TS 23.401.

Administration and Maintenance

PROTEI HLR allows remote administration and management via remote access using secure connection TCP/IP/SSH. WEBbased administration and maintenance kit can be used for CDR, KPI and statistical information viewing.The list of administration and management functionalities can be extended according to concrete needs of Operator.

SNMP for alarm indication and statistical information collecting is supported. Also SNMP trap can be forwarded (duplicated) as E-mail and SMS messages to any external numbers/addresses.