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Gateway Location Register


  • Real-time processing of Update Location, Cancel Location and other MAP location management transactions
  • Transparent translation of first Location Update request from VLR to home HPLMN and answering further Location Update and Location Update GPRS transactions coming from VLRs
  • Capturing roamer’s profile and providing it upon any request from VLR
  • Translation Restore Data requests towards HPLMN HLR and forwarding appropriate response to VLR
  • Transparent processing of Provide Roaming Number Request
  • Receiving Forward_SM and Provide Subscriber Information requests and forwarding them to VLRs where the roamer really registered
  • Transparent translation or PurgeMS messages towards roamer’s HLR
  • Possibility to discard some messages or modify some specific fields in particular messages
  • SCCP routing subsystem (mini-STP) enables solution deployment even in those networks where STP is not installed and allows to organize redundancy and flexible traffic routing (including GLR bypassing in case of any software failure)
  • Simple connection scheme prevents interruption of roaming traffic in case of equipment malfunction
  • Compatibility with any external roaming management SIM-based solutions
  • E1/SS7 or SIGTRAN connectivity
  • ETSI TS 23.119 compliant
  • SNMP for integration with external Network Monitoring Systems