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Gateway Location Register

• Roaming connectivity and signaling traffic optimization

• High efficiency for complex or segmented networks

PROTEI GLR (Gateway Location Register) is a node between the VLR and/or SGSN and the HLR, which may be used to optimise the location updating and the handling of subscriber profile data across network boundaries. When a subscriber is roaming the GLR plays the role of the HLR towards the VLR and SGSN in the visited network and the role of the VLR and SGSN towards the HLR in the home network. The subscriber information is downloaded from HLR to GLR at the first location update procedure under the GLR. Using the information, GLR handles Update Location message from VLR as if it is the HLR of the subscriber at second and further location updating procedures. GLR enables the procedure invisible from the home network so that this hierarchical location management can reduce the inter-network signalling for the location management. The GLR keeps the information until receiving Cancel Location message from HLR.

PROTEI Gateway Location Register that is developed in strict accordance with ETSI 3GPP standards gives the Operator unique possibility to optimize its roaming connectivity and signaling traffic. GLR captures all information about inbound roamer’s profile during initial registration and provides this information upon any request from VLR dramatically decreasing the necessity to interrogate with HPLMN elements. Such approach visibly decrease many risks that may finally lead to loosing the roamer.

Key Benefits

  • Decreasing the volume of signaling traffic between Operator and SCCP-provider
  • Secure roamers in Operator’s network (less chances to lose the roamer during interrogation with home network or in case of short-terms failures /minor coverage problems)
  • Full compliance with applicable ETSI standards (ETSI TS 23.119) and GSMA regulation
  • High efficiency for complex or segmented networks