Telecommunication Solutions
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Fixed Line SMSC

Functionality overview:

  • Conforms to EN 301 678 and ES 201 912 standards
  • FSK-exchange conforms to ETS 300 778
  • Flexible postponed delivery scenarios
  • Fully functional SMPP v3.4 to ESMEs
  • Replace_SM and Cancel_SM procedure support
  • Individual access rights configuration for each ESME
  • Several IP connections to the same ESME
  • Hundreds of simultaneously connected content providers
  • Block/allow lists for subscribers and ESMEs
  • Flexible SS7 configuration
  • Scalable to match network growth
  • Powerful logging system (CDR generation)
  • Dynamic system configuration

Deferred Delivery

Subscribers can set their own preferred time for delivery of their message to its recipient.

Text to Speech

The option to install a TTS (Text to Speech) system allows subscribers with non SMS-enabled handsets to use the service.


Connects to mobile networks via SS7 or SMPP.


SBuilt-in statistics and event logging system.


Control of configuration and running of the system can be carried out through a modem, with a terminal using RS-232, also by TCP/IP with telnet, SSH or using a WEB interface.


From tens to thousands of messages per second, depending on configuration. Message queue size from hundreds of thousands to millions of messages