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Equipment Identity Register (EIR)


  • Check IMEI functionality;
  • Enable to enter the IMEI of stolen handsets into a “blacklist”, thus preventing them from being registered on the network;
  • “Greylist” support to let some devices (e.g. owned by visitors) to be registered in the network temporarily during pre-defined period of time;
  • Efficient signaling solutions in multi-vendor networks;
  • Ability to assign individual and/or ranges of IMEIs to white (allowed), black (blocked), or gray (track) lists. The IMEI is used to identify the actual handset, and is not dependent upon the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI), mobile station international ISDN number (MSISDN) or the SIM, which are all subscriber-specific;
  • When a subscriber roams, the handset attempts registration with the mobile switching center (MSC) and visitor location register (VLR). PROTEI EIR allows the MSC to send a MAP_CHECK_IMEI query to the PROTEI EIR. The EIR returns a response indicating whether the IMEI is allowed or not;
  • Various black/white/grey lists can be configured for different service purposes;
  • Lists can contain standalone IMEIs as well as IMEI ranges;
  • Standalone IMEI number and/or range can be deleted/inserted from/into a certain list;
  • Both 14- and 15-digit IMEIs are handled;
  • Configurable triggers for alarms (SNMP);
  • Periodic IMEI database backup;
  • Periodic reporting of transaction statistics. Separate statistics for hitting black, white and grey lists.