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Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

• High-capacity, multi-protocol, advanced signaling solution

• Full compliance with international standards

Mobile phone theft has become a growing problem worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of phones reported stolen each year. A stolen GSM handset can be reused with a different subscriber’s subscriber identity module (SIM) card, possibly in a different mobile network. Upon subscribing to a network and obtaining a legitimate SIM card and subscriber information, the perpetrator will initially buy an inexpensive handset and later steal a better model from another subscriber. The SIM card is then switched, the phone will function, and the network operator is unaware that a stolen handset is being used.

PROTEI EIR enables network operators to enter the IMEI of stolen handsets into a “blacklist”, thus preventing them from being registered on the network.

PROTEI EIR provides automatic device detection functionality required for identification of changes of subscriber’s device. Every change of subscriber’s device will be detected by PROTEI EIR. Detection is based on MAP procedures (MAP-CHECK-IMEI) in full accordance with international standards. The change of subscriber’s device leads to the change IMEI -connected with MSISDN by comparison received IMEI with saved one. PROTEI EIR can detect changes calling the notice of external system.

PROTEI EIR is based on PROTEI xVLR solution that is “umbrella” platform providing the ability to process, store and transmit to the external applications location information regarding subscribers of mobile networks, switching elements may transfer. The platform is able to process information that is available through core network vendors’ proprietary features (like NSN VLR feature “Subscriber Data Feed from VLR”) or using standard MAP capabilities such as MAP-NOTE-MM-EVENT (M-CSI triggering), MAP-CHECK-IMEI or MAP-SUBSCRIBER-LOCATION-REPORT. Collected data may be efficiently used for such services as geographically targeted SMS campaigns, equipment identity registration, automatic device detection, border roaming services, loyalty services and many others.

Key benefits

  • Full handling of Check IMEI functionality
  • Using standart prosedures for detection
  • Horizontally scalable solution
  • Prossesing of "blacklists" and "graylists"
  • Easy intagration with network elements
  • Wide opportunities for implementing additional services