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Multi-IMSI Roaming

Dual-IMSI Roaming Procedures

PROTEI Dual-IMSI roaming platform implements all features required for fully functional Dual-IMSI roaming service delivery. It provides processing of location management, subscriber management, authentication management and call handling MAP procedures, also processes CAMEL traffic, SMS- and USSD-transactions:

  • Modification of MAP parameters for location management procedures, subscriber management, identification management, call processing and also for USSD and SMS
  • SCCP (GT) subsystem global titles modification/translation (GTT functionality)
  • MSRN modification for inbound roamers
  • IMSI modification for outbound roamers
  • CAP (CAMEL) parameters modification for outbound roamers
  • Initiation of MAP and CAP transactions based on any messages/parameters detected

Integration with Operator’s Network Infrastructure

System operates in active mode passing all required signaling traffic through. Flexible routing capabilities make able system deployment in different core network environment. All unnecessary transactions not related to Dual-IMSI service delivery being routed to the platform can be handled in transparent mode.


The system integrates with Operator’s core network via E1/SS7 trunks or using SIGTRAN/M3UA associations. In case of E1 connectivity either standard Low Speed Links (64 kbps) or High Speed Links (Q.703 Annex A) can be used.

ETSI (3GPP) SCCP, TCAP, MAP v 1..3 and CAP v2..4 are supported.

Administration and Maintenance

Dual-IMSI Roaming platform allows remote administration and management via secure ssh connection WEB-based administration and maintenance kit can be used also.

Call Records and Statistics

Statistics and CDR files are logged for all transactions. The web-based reporting framework contains enhanced analytic tools for effective analysis of roaming traffic and its structure.

SNMP and Alarm Indication

System supports SNMP for integration with external alarm monitoring systems and OSS solutions. SNMP-traps generation in case of alarm situations and statistical SNMP-traps generation are supported; these traps contain information about traffic parameters, application SW state and HW components state.

System Scaling

PROTEI Dual-IMSI Roaming platform is a carrier-class solution that can be scaled horizontally according with growing operator requirements. Modular structure of the system provides high reliability and enables cost-efficient system scaling according to growth in service usage and the operator’s requirements. One server can handle up to thousands transactions per second).


System redundancy is enabled by installing several units of the same type (interface subsystems, service logic subsystems) working either in load sharing or hot standby mode.

Hardware and Software

  • x86 platform based on proven HW like HP Proliant DL/BL servers or similar;
  • Servers may be equipped with dual processors, redundant PSU and raid controller for HDD;
  • Linux operating system