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Multi-IMSI Roaming

• Efficient tool for providing roaming brokerage services

• High investment attractiveness

It is impossible to imagine modern-day mobile services without roaming. However, to provide worldwide roaming Operators meet an array of administrative and technical challenges that are not so easy to solve using the capabilities of typical GSM network components.

Dual-IMSI roaming system is ideal for optimizing inter-operator cooperation on the level of alliances and also for resolving the challenges faced by MVNOs and small operators. The system is intended to expand roaming geography for roaming clients (MVNO, small and/or independent mobile operators) by using roaming agreements and subscriptions of well-established mobile operators (Roaming Brokers).

The platform performs all procedures related to signaling traffic processing and signaling modificationж system may be installed either in Roaming broker's network or in client's network.

To use dual-IMSI roaming each Operator’s subscriber (outbound roamer) shall have two subscriptions on his SIM-card. One should be from his home Operator and another one - from the Donor. Special applet manages this subscriptions thus in the home network subscriber is always registering using home subscription, in all foreign networks - using Donor's subscription.

Key Benefits

  • Wide range of supported roaming services
  • Powerful maintenance and logging system
  • Scalable according to network growth
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Proven reliability
  • Supports all range of services – voice, SMS, GPRS (data)