Telecommunication Solutions
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DPI Platform

Traffic analysis

Signature-based and statistical-based detection of application layer protocols including P2P, IM, Email, Voice/Video over IP, streaming, gaming, web and security at up to 80 Gbps on a single chassis

Policy control

Per-flow per-subscriber policy enforcement


Real-time charging using Diameter Gy, Gx Usage Monitoring and per-service periodically replenished quotas

Bandwidth management

Dynamic bandwidth management during network congestion according to subscribers' plan priorities

Policy and charging rules

Time-based policy and charging rules with capability to enforce breach rule limitations in case of not enough credit

Integration with external systems

PROTEI DPI supports integration with PCRF such as Protei Policy Controller via Gx or XML

Value-added services

  • redirect subscribers to partners’ resources
  • collect statistical data about subscriber’s preferences to make advertising campaign more effective
  • perform URL blacklisting and categorization using external source (e.g. security cloud)
  • malware detection and filtering

O&M and reporting

WEB-based statistical and configuration interface, CSV UDR files, online channel monitoring


1+1 active redundancy, hardware bypass