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DPI Platform

• Maximum effectiveness of bandwidth usage

• Powerful tool for value added services providers

• Suitable for fixed and mobile broadband networks including LTE

PROTEI DPI is a traffic management platform with deep packet inspection capabilities allowing to effectively manage utilization of network resources and provide new value generating services. The main functions of PROTEI DPI are: dynamic policy enforcement, traffic charging and value-added traffic manipulation

PROTEI DPI performs policy enforcment on a per-subscriber basis according to the parameters of subscriber's plan. The system supports traffic prioritization at subscriber level which allows to provide service to privileged subscribers with the claimed QoS even during network congestion at peak hours or in crowded places (for example at football or at concert). When network channel is overloaded data flows with higher priorities are granted with the bandwidth required for normal service quality while data flows with lower priorities are throttled.

PROTEI DPI supports policy enforcement and charging rules on a per-data flow basis according to service type, date and time, subscriber's service usage history, subscriber's location, instructions from external policy server etc.

Key benefits

  • Signature-based and statistical-based detection of application layer protocols including P2P, IM, Email, Voice/Video over IP, streaming, gaming, web and security at up to 80 Gbps on a single chassis
  • Dynamic bandwidth control during network congestion
  • Policy enforcement by bit rate limitation and priority control on a per-subscriber per-flow basis
  • Flow-based and even-based real-time charging using Diameter protocol (Gy)
  • Gx Usage Monitoring
  • Time-based policy and charging rules
  • Per-service periodically replenished quotas (e.g 1 gigabyte of YouTube per day or 20 gigabytes of Facebook per month)
  • WEB-based statistical and configuration interface, CSV UDR files, online channel monitoring