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Cell Broadcast Center


  • Transmit alphanumeric or binary messages to subscribers in a specified zone
  • CellBroadcast messages can be saved either for a pre-set broadcast period or until they have been transmitted
  • Connection to multiple external applications using SMPP protocol
  • Can be connected to BSC (base station controller) using E1 with SS7 or X.25 signaling
  • Broadcast can be targeted to specific cells, all cells of a specific BSC or all cells of a specified LAI region
  • Specific period for broadcast, frequency of repeat broadcasts, broadcast priority and message encoding format can all be set by the service provider using SMPP
  • DRX (Discontinuous reception) support saves mobile battery power when in CB-accept mode
  • System can be configured and managed using a modem with the aid of a terminal, connecting using RS-232 interface, or using Telnet over TCP/IP
  • Dedicated Web-based configuration subsystem
  • Configuration of IP address and port number for incoming SMPP connections
  • Configuration of SMPP users’ privileges
  • Configuration of signalling parameters
  • Logging of broadcast results
  • Logging of alarm events
  • Switching module capacity - up to 4E1, up to 32 signalling channels

Distribution range

CellBroadcast allows message to be distributed to subscribers located in a specific area of the network (a cell, a group of cells or a region). This gives great potential for delivering advertising and information messages in specific areas.

Distribution channel options

The subscriber can choose which messages to receive and which to block by subscribing to one or another distribution channel.

Discontinuous transmission

PROTEI CellBroadcast supports the DRX discontinuous transmission regime, saving mobile phone battery charge during receipt of CB messages.

Message distribution control

CellBroadcast features a wide range of safeguards to check that an application is authorized to transmit messages for distribution.