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CAMEL Gateway


  • Provides a wide range of prepaid services to subscribers with real-time billing in home and visited networks;
  • Real-time control, logging, and accounting of incoming, outgoing, and forwarded calls in home and visited networks;
  • Control, logging, and accounting of outgoing SMS messages in home and visited networks (available in CAMEL Phase 3 and higher);
  • Real-time control and accounting (by time or by volume) of GPRS sessions in home and visited networks (available in CAMEL Phase 3 and higher);
  • Using voice prompts and announcements available at the MSC where the subscriber is registered;
  • Determining current subscriber status (e.g. busy, out of network range, etc.);
  • Management of call processing logic and service accounting logic by external applications connected via API;
  • Flexible adaptation of data formats included in Call Detail Records to conform to requirements of operators and service providers;
  • Flexible implementation of intelligent services based on the CAMEL Phase 2 and Phase 3 features and API application features;
  • Logic Line (Virtual Number) service support;
  • CAMEL-proxy functionality;
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) implementation;
  • Advice of Charge (AoC) support;
  • Service statistics log;
  • Configuration and monitoring using any kind of remote access technology. All system parameters may be configured through editing configuration files and/or using the WEB-based Administration software;
  • Flexible SS7 configuration;
  • Logging transaction results with various levels of detailing;
  • Alarm logging with SNMP support.

Fast Intelligent Networks service development and deployment

PROTEI CAMEL Gateway supports a powerful and flexible embedded application development environment. Open APIs (including Parlay) open new opportunities to create innovative services.

Hot Billing

PROTEI CAMEL Gateway supports real-time billing for users in home and roaming networks. Can be configured to connect to any billing system via BRT interface.

Reliability and load balancing

Network architecture and load balancing assure reliability - if a system module reaches a set performance threshold, excess load is routed to a free module. Should any module fail, traffic is automatically redistributed among other modules without any interruption to service.

Horizontal Scalability

Horizontal scalability allows PROTEI CAMEL Gateway to expand as the operator’s network grows. Configuration of additional modules can be automatically synchronized.


Up to 32 signaling links and 500 TPS (Transactions Per Second) per module.