Telecommunication Solutions
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Calling Card System

Built-in Virtual Office

More than just a unified account, this service provides a virtual PBX where several ordinary numbers combine to make up a virtual office. Every virtual office has its own IVR, voice mail and fax service. You can freely configure the list of services available - number shortening, call forwarding, conference calling and many more.

The Virtual Office feature makes PROTEI Calling Card truly unique on the telecommunications market.

Tariff flexibility

Call costs can be calculated depending on the calling number, recipient number, time of day, type of card and geographical location of the subscriber - an important plus when dealing with mobile subscribers.

Full range of card types

Allows debit, credit and no-limit cards.

Billing system

Built-in billing system with RADIUS support. Can equally be integrated into your own billing system.

Operating and Maintenance Center

Powerful maintenance and statistics system.

Remote workstations

System has Web access with full support for remote dealers.

Private and corporate users

Just as easy for private individuals to use as for corporate clients (multiple cards on a combined account).

Built-in CallBack

Using Call Back, where incoming calls are free the subscriber pays only for the conversation, not for connection to the Call Center.

IN Services support

Built-in FPH, PRM and VPN with online billing

PROTEI Service Platform compatibility

Total integration with any service from the PROTEI Service Platform line.


Horizontally scalable from ‘small’ solutions to vast distributed systems of national and international scale. Increase the number of cards, the channel capacity and the overall performance simply by adding extra modules:

  • Add DataBase server, get capacity for more cards
  • Add DataBase server, get capacity for more cards
  • Add Service Switching Module, get more channel capacity and more simultaneous calls
  • Add Service Control Module, get even higher overall performance

Nothing could be easier - whatever you want, just add modules!


Work in any telecommunications environment - TDM, IP, IN, CAMEL (connection with PSTN, PLMN, NGN, IN, CAMEL, IMS).


Load balancing and redundancy ensure the trademark PROTEI availability that is second to none.


Not just for telephony card services - use PROTEI Calling Card for dialup, Web dialing and prepay cards.

Integration with Call Center

Now you can always forward calls to your operator center.