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Calling Card System

• Comprehensive Solution for Providing Card-Based Services

• Full Packet of Embedded Features

Far more than just a powerful and highly flexible phone card system, PROTEI Calling Card platform is a carrier class billing and service access management platform with a vast range of applications.

Full compatibility with all PROTEI SP products means it can be used for providing card-based access to any of the wide spectrum of services offered by the PROTEI Service Platform range.

Modular architecture and unique flexibility means our platform is incrementally scalable all the way from local to national and international capacities.

Using Radius protocol, external equipment can be connected to the CC platform’s internal billing system, and likewise the CC platform can be connected to an external billing system.

Our solution’s built-in Virtual Office is sure to be a hit with your business clients, as is the ‘corporate card’ functionality, which allows multiple cards to be issued to a common account.

Installing PROTEI VOT provides you with a dependable, easy-to-use system that can handle polls of any complexity.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful maintenance and reports system
  • Debit, credit and limit-free cards
  • Built-in CallBack, IVR and Voice Mail
  • Built-in Virtual Office, fax services, conferencing
  • On-line systems access and remote dealer terminals