Telecommunication Solutions
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Call Center


  • Call queue management
  • Intelligent distribution of calls among operators
  • Dynamic correction call queue length
  • Call routing
  • Serves incoming calls from PSTN
  • Serves incoming calls from Internet (using VoIP)
  • Serves email enquiries
  • CallBack feature
  • Outgoing calls
  • Call redirection
  • Call monitoring
  • Provides recorded information services
  • Embedded call recording system
  • Statistics collection and call records
  • Provides exchange services
  • Flexible system management

Call Back

No more waiting in long call queues - all your clients need to do is submit a CallBack request by email, SMS or USSD, or by using the built-in IVR and the system will call back when an operator becomes available.

Remote Workspace support

Support for remote operator workspaces allows you to build geographically distributed ‘virtual’ call centers. Your PROTEI Call Center can be installed in one town, while the operators can be elsewhere, even working from home, drastically cutting your company’s overheads.

Virtual Call Centers

Several independent virtual call centers can be set up on the basis of a single PROTEI Call Center installation.


PROTEI Call Center enables you to handle enquiries over the phone as well as using IVR, e-mail and WEB interface.

Straightforward Administration

PROTEI Call Center features a simple yet powerful system for administration and maintenance.

Customer Satisfaction Built In

Nobody likes waiting in queues, especially not on the phone. Your new PROTEI Call Center will help to keep callers on the line and avoid abandoned calls. Aside from the usual ‘queuing music’, PROTEI Call Center can automatically keep customers informed of their position in the queue and the approximate waiting time remaining.