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Bulk SMS-MMS Platform


Local billing/charging engine allows to maintain account for each client measured in messages and deduct messages from this account on-line. Prior to sending an SMS message, charging request can be sent, alternatively the client can be charged upon delivery report receipt. Online charging use http/XML, DIAMETER or any type of proprietary protocol including Huawei one.


High performance: up to thousands SMS/sec.

Set of sending parameters

Individual parameters can be set for each sending list, such as delivery schedule and data source.

Reply messages

Receiving incoming SMS messages (reply messages) and unloading them to the message archive available for reviewing by senders using appropriate WEB-tools, if an additional SMS response service is activated.

Bandwidth management

Bandwidth management for each client and for entire system: maximum total system throughput can be limited to protect Operator’s structure (SMSC) from overload.

Connection to network infrastructure

Direct connectivity via SMS-gateway enables to connect the system to the Operator’s infrastructure using SIGTRAN/M3UA to offload main operator’s SMSC from AO bulk traffic.


Convenient WEB/GUI for Bulk Campaigns Management

Hardware, software

  • Intel platform;
  • Compact 19” rackmount equipment;
  • Dual processor/PSU option;
  • High reliability with Raid 1 or Raid 5 SCSI HDD;
  • Linux/XFS.