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Access Node

• PROTEI Access Node is a complete solution for introducing new-generation services to your network.

• Enter the Triple Play market in minimum time with PROTEI Access Node - an investment in the future that will pay dividends.

PROTEI Access Node is cost-effective solution for introducing all range of NGN-services to subscribers. By supporting a wide range of network technologies the system provides seamless transition from circuit-switched networks to NGN/IMS infrastructure.

Using PROTEI access solution ensures subscribers access to all advantages of IP world without reference to existing networks and provides ISDN functions and VAS-services to users with maximum results in minimum time.

The system has a modular structure and can be equipped with various cards in any combination depending on Customer needs. Such the architecture simplifies process of expanding and upgrading the system without interruption of service providing and gives a great opportunity for installing a high-capacity system.

With PROTEI Access Node in your network, you will be able to provide Triple Play services to your subscribers with maximum results in minimum time.

Key Benefits

  • Access to Triple Play services
  • Highly flexible, scalable platform
  • Compatibility with third-party equipment
  • Maintenance via SSH, CLI, Web interface, SNMP
  • Supports SIP, H.248/MEGACO, H.323, V5, EDSS-1
  • Supports analogue/IP telephones and ADSL2+
  • Uplink via E1, SHDSL, VDSL or Ethernet